To advance understanding of the Earth, its resources, systems, and environment, for the lasting benefit of humankind.




To become the preeminent geosciences program in the country with international prominence in geology, geophysics, energy, mineral and water resources, and in the broad areas of the earth sciences, including the Earth’s environment. To realize this vision, the Jackson School will pursue initiatives that

  • Place the Department at the forefront of research.
  • Place the Department at the forefront of education, student services, and student opportunities.
  • Create the fabric of a great college.
  • Increase our competitiveness for top talent.

The overall aim of Geology Department is to provide a full training in integrated petroleum geosciences. This is an ambitious program and aims to produce graduates of diverse backgrounds to satisfy the increasing demands of the oil and gas markets not only in Egypt, but also in the Arab World, Africa and the Far East.




We are working to build a geosciences community of students and staff who excel through collaborative pursuit in teaching and research, leading to the creation of academic opportunities for the program. Also, we are fortunate to have many industry and government partners who support our students in numerous ways, and we are always open to establish new relationships. Our experience and connections can help secure that all-important first step on the ladder to a successful career. More than 65 % of our graduates enter directly into good jobs and research posts within four months after graduation.

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