Welcome to the Faculty of Science The Faculty of Science at Alexandria University is poised to be a leading institution in education and research as well as a national and international center of excellence (Faculty Vision). 
Our faculty is a vibrant, active, diverse scientific community and a pioneering center for generation, dissemination and application of knowledge in basic and applied sciences and technology. In a unique atmosphere of collegial spirit, good will, mutual support and productive opportunities, the faculty of science has amassed a huge array of active researchers and expertise. Many of our Faculty members can count themselves as being amongst the best in their field, and by their exceptional skills, creativity and passion for science, and international reputation, they have greatly contributed to the success the University of Alexandria, and most importantly, is a source of great personal pride as the faculty dean, and as a former student. Faculty engagement in collaborative research projects, international events, workshops and conferences such as the “International conference of Geochemistry” at the Department of Geology, “Material Sciences” conference at the Department of Physics, and the “International conference on Contemporary Environmental Issues” at the Department of Environmental Sciences, reflects their competence and dedicated efforts. The Faculty of Science is most proud of its graduates who have earned prestigious positions of responsibility both locally and internationally. Of special note is Professor Ahmed Zowail (B.Sc. 1964 in Chemistry) who was awarded the Nobel prize in 1999 In the field of Chemistry mistry 
We are enthusiastic to bring about virtual change in the communities around us, which is a shared responsibility by all our staff members, students and collaborative partners from other institutions and industry. We are constantly striving to challenge the existing knowledge about our physical world, and committed to allow for intellectual growth of young minds. To make these goals a reality, my top priority will revolve around the success of all students who reside at the centre of our faculty mission. I believe that expanding the boundaries of our thoughts about what is possible is achievable through the provision of academically challenging programs. Our Faculty is comprised of some important specialties in the Egyptian Universities: Oceanography, Biochemistry, Geophysics, and Environmental Sciences. Our Oceanography and Environmental Sciences departments are currently playing a key role in the society and tackling contemporary marine and inland environmental problems. In brief, I am confident that our sincere efforts for pursuit of excellence will create a better place for students and staff to imagine and explore the impossible. 
Welcome to all prospective students at the Faculty of Science at Alexandria University. I am looking forward to sharing the excitement of this experience with you. And for the excellent Master’s and Doctoral graduates who began their careers as post-graduates at this faculty; I wish you every success in your study and research. I trust that you all will thoroughly enjoy this experience and be able to look back on these years as among the most enjoyable, stimulating and productive of your life. 


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