Steps to extract a temporary bachelor's degree:

After the adoption of a bachelor's degree from the College Council, male graduates who were born in the first half of the year apply for a success report to be submitted to the recruitment section of ​​the graduate and attached with the application the nature of educational services and the stamp of the class (1) pounds to be put on the statement and approved by vice dean of Education and Students Affairs.
After the adoption of a bachelor's degree from the University Council and the receipt of the graduate file papers, and after the evacuation of the Faculty of the application to the Department of graduates to extract the certificate.
Personal presentation of the ID card In case of travel of the graduate, the applicant will submit the application based on the power of attorney to receive the certificates or a copy of the official power of attorney to be retained by the management of graduates.
After one month of the adoption of the result from the university, the graduate will apply for a certificate of four years in Arabic or English if he needs it and fill the same request for the extraction of previous certificates.
Some graduates go abroad to complete their studies by extracting the detailed study schedules and the number of hours for each course from the Computer Center in Al-Shatby Building and bringing it to the Graduate Administration in the Department of Student Affairs to complete the data. They write the name, graduation year and general appreciation in English and approved by the Dean / Represented by the Professor / Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and attached with the courses stamps educational services from the College

Steps to receive the original bachelor degree

To be delivered to the graduate of his or her representative or a proxy for receiving the certificate or a copy of the power of attorney General certified copy of the copy keeps the record of receipt of certificates after the data of the graduate of the register and payment of the value of 16.5 pounds certificate fee
Give a letter to the college store to receive the certificate and return to the Department of Student Affairs to seal the certificate with the logo of the Republic.

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