History of the Department

The Department of Zoology and Entomology were established 1946 independently, then were merged 1954 and named Zoology Department. Since then the department continues its academic mission for more than sixty years. Starting this millennium the department was subdivided into three divisions: Zoology, Entomology and Molecular Biology, which run according to the Credit hour system.


To develop graduates of high caliber, who are capable of understanding the basic science of different departmental divisions, focusing on applying their knowledge to serve the local, regional and international communities.


The department’s vision focuses on the fact that a well-trained graduate will be essential for a society that respects and tolerates cultural differences.

Aims of the Department

- To graduate highly qualified students through integrating the theoretical and practical studies with the community needs in order to compete with the requirements of the labour market and being capable of coping with the ongoing development of science and its applications.

- Setting applicable solutions to some community problems such as:

  - Use of maggot therapy for healing diabetic foot instead of amputation, in collaboration withthe Faculty of Medicine.

  - Forensic Entomology is used to solve some homicides in collaboration with the Forensic department at the Faculty of Medicine.

  - Contributing expertise for the detection of imported crops infected with parasites.

  - Contributing research in regeneration in Neuroscience to solve problems resulting from accidents in collaboration with European countries.

  - Understanding the molecular mechanisms of breast cancer in collaboration with Faculty of Medicine and IGSR and of liver and lung cancer using knockout mouse models and cell culture, as well as the development of molecular targeting therapies in collaboration with European countries.

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