Academic Degrees

The department offers 14 B.Sc. in Zoology, Entomology and Molecular Biology in addition to Diploma, M.Sc. and Ph.D. in different research areas.

Bachelor Degrees:

B.Sc. degrees offered by the Department are in:

1. Zoology - Chemistry.

2. Zoology - Environmental Sciences.

3. Zoology - General Oceanography.

4. Zoology - Microbiology.

5. Zoology - Biotechnology.

6. Zoology - Botany.

7. Entomology - Chemistry.

8. Entomology - General Oceanography.

9. Entomology - Environmental Sciences.

10. Molecular Biology - Chemistry.

11. Molecular Biology - Biotechnology.

12. Molecular Biology - Biochemistry.

13. Molecular Biology - Microbiology.

14. Molecular Biology - Botany.

Graduate Studies (Diploma, M.Sc., Ph.D.)

The department offers the following graduate degrees:

1. Diploma in Zoology.

2. M. Sc. degree in Physiology.

3. M. Sc. degree in Invertebrates and Parasitology.

4. M. Sc. in degree in Cell Biology, Histology and Genetics.

5. M. Sc. degree in Animal Ecology.

6. M. Sc. degree in Comparative Anatomy and Embryology.

7. M. Sc. degree in Entomology.

8. M. Sc. degree in Molecular Biology.

9. Ph. D. degree in Physiology.

10. Ph. D. degree in Invertebrates and Parasitology.

11. Ph. D. in degree in Cell Biology, Histology and Genetics.

12. Ph. D. degree in Animal Ecology.

13. Ph. D. degree in Comparative Anatomy and Embryology.

14. Ph. D. degree in Entomology.

15. Ph. D. degree in Molecular Biology.

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