Research Plan

The research strategy of the department includes specialized and interdisciplinary aspects of Environmental Sciences, with the objective of studying and solving of various contemporary environmental issues, with particular emphasis on what is relevant to Egyptian arid environments, cities, water bodies and marine ecosystems. The strategy gives a priority to studying the environmental problems of Alexandria city, and its hinter land and sea.  Specialized studies include rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems, waste and soil pollution, urban sprawl, environmental planning of Alexandria 2050.

The points of research is directly addressing the above problems, deploying recent technologies, e.g. remote sensing, GIS and Modeling.  Recent analysis instruments are also used for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of research samples.



The strategy includes the following specific topics:

  1. Environmental pollution (air, water flows, ground water, coastal/marine ecosystems).
  2. Environmental monitoring and ecological surveying (using remote sensing, GIS).
  3. Recycling and management of wastes (liquid and solid).
  4. Biological treatment, biodegradation and bioremediation.
  5. Environmental Impact Assessments(EIA).
  6. Desertification & dune encroachmentand land degradation.
  7. Environmental change, climate change: Analysis and synthesis of regional and international data.
  8. Impacts (Ecological and Socio-economic) of invasive plants.
  9. Bio-Synthesis of Metals Nanoparticles Using DifferentPlants Extracts"
  10. Conservation of biodiversity and conservation biology

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