The Department has one Remote Sensing and GIS lab. The Remote Sensing andGIS lab team conducts research studies that integrate remote sensing and GIScapabilities to provide solutions for the conservation and management of biological and ecological resources at both regional and local scales. The team develops models that use remotely-sensed data along with other spatial data for mapping and monitoring changes in landscape structure, land use/land cover, vegetation type, and species distribution. The team is involved in wetlands valuation and in providing assessments of the impacts on this vital ecosystem due to human induced activities such as development, climate change and pollution. Development of field studies and data collection schemes are being conducted to support the calibration and verification of remote sensing mapping and monitoring exercises along with the model development. The lab team uses a suite of commercial and open source GIS and image processing software such as ArcGIS,IDRISIERDAS Imagine, ENVI, and SAGA.

 The Department has two laboratories for undergraduate students and three other research laboratories. These labs are equipped with several apparatus such as: Rotary evaporator, spectrophotometer, muffle furnace, COD, BOD, Centrifuge, ultrasonic, Water deistelatora, binocular microscope, stereomicroscope,….etc. 

The department has one multimedia lecture rooms to support teaching with power point presentation and discussion groups.

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