Distinguished laboratories in the department offer many opportunities for multidisciplinary cooperation with pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural sectors. 
Many research groups are already established including: 

  1. Microbiology:
    Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology, Fermentation Technology, Proteins and Enzymes Technology, Virology, Medical Microbiology, Biopolymers and Microbial diversity.
  2. Plant Physiology:
    Physiology and metabolic responses to environmental pollution, drought, salt, water, light and heat stresses, defense mechanism of plants against the various stresses, interactive action between different components, substances, elements, at the molecular level on plant growth.
  3. Algae:
    Biotechnological applications of algae, production of pigments, application of algal strain in bioremediation and antimicrobial and antitumor effect of marine algae
  4. Plant Ecology and taxonomy:
    Population dynamics, Genecology, Phytosociology in relation to conservation,Allelopathy, range ecology, biomonitoring in relation to pollution of natural and cultivated lands.
  5. Plant Cytology:
    Screening of genotoxic effects of environmental pollutants, assessment of the genetic and cytological effects of medicinal plants at the molecular (DNA & proteins) and chromosomal levels and assessment of the genetic diversity of selected medicinal and economic plant species and its relatives.

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