Historical background:

The Department of Oceanography was found in 1948 by Prof. H. Fawzy and Prof. A.F. Mohammed within the Faculty of Science, Alexandria University. Until now it is still the principal leading university department in Egypt, concerned with multidisciplinary training, education and research in oceanography. 
After 49 years being a main part of the old Faculty of Science building at Moharem Bek, the department moved in 1997 to a separate new building along the sea side of Alexandria at area of Anfoushi. The new building has two floors, comprises lecture rooms, research laboratories, library, out door aquaria, computer centre and scientific marine museum, as well as, all facilities necessary for education and research for undergraduate and post graduate studies of Oceanography. 
Training and education in marine science at the department are carried out at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in four major science disciplines: Biological, Chemical, Physical and Geological.
Since 1966, a B.Sc. in biological oceanography was established. 
In 1971, the curriculum was once more modified and a B.Sc. in Physical Oceanography.


The Oceanography Department is a unique multidisciplinary non-profit department in whole of Egyptian universities. Produce qualified graduates who think and oriented in different oceanographic fields biological, chemical, geological and physical, according to the international standards and accredited by authorities. Study the marine environments and face all the challenges and hazards which may exist from different sources of pollution and climatic changes. This is to serve the community and the job market in whole of Egypt.

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