The research activities were dealt with : 

  • Physical Oceanography (waves, sea level, hydrodynamics, currents and hydrology).
  • Chemical Oceanography (Major and Minor elements in the sea and CO2 system).
  • Aquatic Geochemistry and Sedimentology.
  • The pelagic system: primary productivity, phytoplankton, zooplankton and their dynamics in marine, lagoons and estuaries environments.
  • Benthic ecosystem: including zoo-benthos, macro-algae and the effect of pollution stress.
  • Modelling : Input/output models for coastal waters, dispersion models for major pollutants and numerical modelling for the Egyptian Shelf Zone.
  • Eutrophication, Red tide and toxic algal blooms.
  • Study the remote sensing techniques for oceanographic application (SST, SLA).

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