1. Weekly hydro-biological observation at fixed stations of land-sea connection at Naubaria Canal (Since 2002).
  2. Weekly hydro-biological observation at fixed point in the Eastern Harbour near Bughaz area (Since 2002).
  3. Monthly hydro-biological observation at 3 fixed stations along the central axis in the Eastern Harbour.
  4. Fixed meteorological observation station for Hourly records which contains wind speed and direction, air temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.
  5. Training course in Application of Remote Sensing in Oceanography AUDO / NARSS (Cairo-Alexandria, Sep. 2001).
  6. Training course in Management of Water Quality in Fish Farms AUDO (Alexandria, May 2001).
  7. Training course in Micro-algae Culture for Fish Ponds AUDO (Alexandria, Mar. 2002).
  8. Training course in Modelling of Marine Pollution AUDO (Alexandria, Mar. 2002).
  9. International Projects & Co-operation Meteorological & Hydrological Observation of Submerged archaeological sites in Alexandria (AUDO / PACA-France) Projected.
  10. Long-term observation time series of the Mediterranean coastal environment (AUDO / COM- CNRS-France).
  11. AUDO / CSI-UNESCO: (Marine environment status and socio-economic problems related to the underwater archaeological museum Project in the Eastern Harbour of Alexandria).

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